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Javier Román
Carlos Mancha


In this section you can find the place where we're working about variants or flavors of Linux Mobile System.
Place where we develop the core of LMS Factory tool.
An Erik W. Troan based shell thought to train related skills. It's not a production shell.
An overview around USB drivers and tools.
Tips about C, Python and Perl programming languages.

Other Ideas

  • To develop a network diagnosis tool like tcpdump or to modify this one to a user-friendly use.
  • To study the Linux Router project to include it with our customizations in LMS, to go deeply in that technology again.
  • To include the BlackBox window manager, designed in C++ and with light weigh (a few resources). The idea is to modify it for our necessities. We'll study other alternatives (lwn, WindowLab, ...), always thinking about the simplicity of design and low resources use.
  • To include the ext3 journaling filesystem within LMS (see documentation).
  • To study USB API and Linux drivers to adapt them and to create monitorización tools.

Last Update: 14 January 2004

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